Growth on a social farm -a witness

For this article, we have asked Ines why she loves Gebroeders Vercammen. So, our farm through the eyes of a student. You can read her story and her experiences below! In February 2018, I started as an interim on ‘Gebroeders Vercammen at Koningshooikt. A social farm nearby Lier. As a student in applied psychology, 20 years old, I had the opportunity to combine my two biggest interests. I connected with our guests, who each had their difficulties in [...]

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Bridging the think-do gap: La Junquera and the “Lighthouse farm project”

The agricultural business of La Junquera (Spain) is engaged in developing a co-innovative, transdisciplinary initiative to involve researchers and students in engaging with the local communities, to identify and understand barriers to transformation. From this, it is possible to either chart a path to removing these barriers, or iteratively ‘redesign the lighthouses’ to be compatible with local decision making. As La Junquera is working on a new way of farming and a new way of living in the [...]

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Fighting for resilience: the Italian “Walking Stones” project

In a pandemic situation, finding strength, determination, tenacity, attachment to one's work becomes difficult. You can only be determined with teamwork, trusting your professionalism, but most importantly your workmates. Thanks to this determination, the Walking Stones project was born. An idea that aims, despite everything, at the seasonal adjustment of tourist flows, aiming at a quality of services and a specific user target. The project is conceived by “Omini di Pietra”, a company that deals with sustainable experiential [...]

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