The owner Angel Tenev founded the first company “Ajax 95” Ltd.

for breeding and fattening a special selection of animals  1995. Today, Ajax takes care of the constant high quality of its raw materials and monitors extremely precisely the control over all production units. Ajax stands behind its motto: “From the farm to you”.

Ajax Group works in several directions with a closed production cycle:

  • Two feed mills – equipped with the most modern machines and equipment. Precise selection of raw materials and their processing is performed. The company has its own laboratory for analysis of incoming and outgoing raw materials (FOSS NIR).

“AJAX” owns two industrial pig farms in southern Bulgaria and one in northern Bulgaria with a capacity of 13,000 sows. The constant quality of meat is guaranteed by modern genetics, precise nutrition and precise animal husbandry. Each pig farm has an internal selection center and a reproductive laboratory and has a full production cycle. The genetic material is from the Danish hybrid breed, which is extremely suitable for the Bulgarian ethno taste with low fat content and excellent taste.

The final product of the Ajax group is fresh, chilled, Bulgarian meat, sausages and delicacies, which is offered by Ajax company stores – “From the farm to you”.

The animals are transported with their own transport and welfare. The meat is processed by hand and with natural spices. The recipes are authentic and in line with the traditional taste of the Bulgarian.

Ajax Group sponsors a number of events – the National Fair of BMW 2019, Stara Zagora Airport and others.

  • The “Photo with the Ajax mascot” campaign is underway – you can take a free photo and take part in the contest on Facebook. The photo that garnered the most likes received a prize – a basket of company products made from the meat of the company Ajax. All this combined with red wine own brand.

Investment proposals of the company are also related to other non-agricultural activities: construction of an installation for incineration of animal carcasses, waste site, installation of stationary tanks for diesel storage, construction of sewerage for rainwater drainage, etc.