E(xam)TOMATO Day at University of Foggia

15 candidates for the Business Model Competition are now racing to be graded with the highest score to attend the one month internship at Masseria Redenta. Indeed, the best two performers will access the practical pilot phase to put into practice what they have learnt on Multifunctional Agriculture during the eTOMATO course. The candidates have outlined their own Multifunctional organization by making use of the eTOMATO tools for assessing the Readiness to become a multifunctional entrepreneur and organize [...]

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Multifunctional Agriculture. An opportunity for the Gargano area

The Gargano is a fascinating Italian promontory projecting into the Adriatic sea. It is made of wild mountains where live autochthonous animal and plant species conferring an unexplored soul to the environment.   Historically, the inhabitants have developed local economies on agriculture and breeding farms. During the 90s the tourism started becoming flourishing alongshore, thus triggering the rural area abandon as the sons of the old farmers were exited to ride the wave of the touristic business. Such phenomenon [...]

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Educational and Social Farms in the Apulia Region

In the Apulia Region in Italy, educational and social farms represent an important reference point for communities and territories. In this sector, the need to build up adequate infrastructures for international developments determines the appearance of the so-called "agri-networks". They are characterized by a natural evolution of the logic of public governance applied in the agricultural sector and in local economies. Such logic faces in a more systematic way the needs of unitary management of the increasingly intricate [...]

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About Sustainability: Social and Didactic Farming

The debate on Social and Didactic Farming is on the rise recently. The renewed interest is mainly linked to the need of bringing more sustainability into our socio-economic systems. The concept precisely of Sustainability into socio-economic systems embodies both the outcomes different community aim to accomplish and the contest in which people take action.  Sustainability means at least fulfilling three main achievements: satisfying economic performance, high-level environmental preservation and  valuable actions for social inclusion. Socio-economic systems means considering [...]

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Stay Hungry, Stay Motivated: 5 Tips to Keep on Track with Your e-learning Courses

The eTOMATO project will provide an educational course online for those interested in becoming smart agricultural practitioners of the future. The courses will be divided into the main categories “Entrepreneurial Skills: Management, strategy and decision making”; “Social and pedagogical Agriculture”; “Rural Tourism”; “Short Food Supply Chain”. That’s great news, right? Here we wanted to summarize some key aspects, nonetheless, to help you focus during your learning pathway, which we know, it can be though. If you have some [...]

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Adapting to real needs: eTOMATO, SFSCs, and the Apulia Regional Legislation

The partners of eTOMATO believe that at the very basis of a successful project lies its capability to understand the scenario of their operational work, and to efficiently undertake actions within it. eTOMATO has been inspired by the recent matters of “KM O”, or Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs). This concept helps understaning surely why Multifunctional Agriculture is important to those new farmers who cannot afford to place all their eggs in the basket of commodities’ market, on [...]

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The project eTomato

eTomato is an initiative of 10 partners from 4 European countries aimed at creating an educational offer for easing the uptake of new business practices respecting the Multifunctional Agriculture (MA) framework, particularly in the domains of Social and Didactic Agriculture, Rural Tourism and Short Food Supply Chains. MA is the approach for diversifying agricultural business through the application of Lean Resources Management practices to promote the Rural Development. The MA outputs generate the so-called the Triple Bottom Line [...]

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