Despite the coming summer holidays, the eTOMATO partners are keeping on working hard on the next steps of the project. In this article we want to give you some updates about what has been done so far. 

The last months of the project have been very intense, as the University partners with the strong support of farm partners finalized the outline of the courses and completed the creation of the training materials. The partners worked hard to develop the training contents and helped each other in case of need, showing a mutual goodwill to cooperate for the development of high-quality results. Each University is planning to start the course by April 2021. Tinada conducted a detailed analysis of the materials and will upload all the materials in the Moodle Platform very soon.

The partners started discussing about the organization of the Business Model Competition and they agree that each country will select the winner (a group of at least 2 students) of the competition on a national level, thus independently from the MA dimension. University of Foggia, as WP5 leader, will prepare a general draft of the Business Model competition to be discussed by the whole partnership. 

The transnational mobility (as a reward for the winning teams within the BM competition framework) will take place in June-July 2021, except for University of Gent that is planning to have it in May 2021. All these dates, obviously, must be approved by the host farms case by case.

Finally, in May the partners presented the Interim Report, whose assessment was very positive, especially towards the good balance between HEIs and businesses, which contributed equally to reporting benefits of the project. This good evaluation has confirmed that the eTOMATO project is going in the right direction and has stimulated the partners to keep doing better and better.