At the beginning of spring 2019 our farm farm started participating at the local and national farmers markets to distribute our production.

We are part of an organisation for Bulgarian organic products and the foundation Bioselena. The foundation Bioselena has a special project for popularisation of Bulgarian products on the market and are organising regular farmers markets in the capital as well as regional famers markets throughout the country. The name of the project of the project is “Your food”. After a short time we have received many invitation to participate in other similar protest such as a Farmers Markets in Plovdiv that is organised by the  association “Natural- Production of local natural food”. We have expanded further our distribution in others cities, even reach the other side of our country- the sea side.

The farmers markets in Bulgaria are rapidly  gaining popularity and more and more, young people are educated on healthy eating and most of our new customers  are young mothers who want to know what their children are eating.

We give lectures to the people how important meat is, what is its origin because over 96% of the beef in Bulgaria is imported and the we end up consuming meat that has been in the state reserve of other countries for over 40 years, which is very damaging to the human health.

The farmers market a perfect way to transform a conventional farm into a multifunctional one. We as a multifunctional farm the farmers market became a crucial part of our development and growth. As they do not just provide a markets to sell our products but also provide opportunities to promote our guest house to customers that want to experience our farm, not just to taste it. Furthermore, it allows us to be in contact with more people that we can educate on the importance of local organically produced food.