Franken Agro is a specialized arable farm, located in Postel, with 3 branches: turf, potatoes and vegetables. We cultivate our turf ourselves on a suitable surface: a sandy soil with good water permeability. This enables us to take care of and harvest the grass sods at all times. With a total area of more than 400 ha, we are one of the larger potato growers in Belgium. We also process potatoes ourselves in our cutting plant. For example, we offer peeled potatoes and fresh fries. Because we grow potatoes ourselves, we can offer the year around the same quality. You can contact us for various fresh vegetables that we can also cut and package according to your wishes. Our vegetables are from our own cultivation and you can taste that! In addition, we also have an extensive range of fruit. Even fruit juice, dried fruit and desserts are part of our renewed offer. With the Fresh From the Farm project we offer a wide range of local products in the region.