Social farm Tallaart vzw in Belgium, is an organization that provides useful daytime activities for people who experience some difficulties in functioning in our society.  We work with organizations as well as individuals.

Each with their own issues, personality and background. In addition, we also organize children’s camps and workshops on self-identity and resilience. To provide these activities, we need enough hands. And organizing internships is a great way to get there!

For a few years, we guide students on our social farm. They come from different schools and study options. This makes the collaboration even more interesting. This way, we can teach our believes and morals on to others and we get a fresh look at our organization in return. Having meetings with the whole team can provide new initiatives and projects.

“I was able to combine two of my interests: people and nature. I could find myself in the values of the organization and it made me very motivated to contribute on the farm.” – Ines Coeman, student Applied Psychology

Another advantage of this collaboration is that some interns become volunteers on the farm. We have known quite a few who still work with us and started as a student a few years ago. Meanwhile, they are completely educated on our way of working. While they finish their degree, they continue to search for new activities, or they come as a counsellor on the camps. Interns also provide profitable activities. For example, they can organize a one-on-one counselling session with a guest on the farm. The quality of counselling is still a guarantee.

We provide an ample number of tasks and activities for the students. They can work on projects, and therefore learn how a form operates behind the scenes. But they also guide our guests with their activities. They are free to make their own timetable and have the responsibility to search the priority. Their skills to work in a team as well as individually can be improved. They can also come up with new and creative ideas to realize.

In a nutshell, we can state that the collaboration between the social farm and interns is a great advantage! It is an educational experience for both parties. The mixture of different personalities and backgrounds makes us a dynamic organization. We learn new perspectives and points of view in exchange for a contribution to every study track.