In a previous article we discussed what is about the funding of eTOMATO, and the Erasmus+ programme. But what about those actors making the project come to life?

One is the Italian Masseria Redenta: an educational farm which environment is ideal to allow all those who wish, their operational field and age being larger or smaller, to establish a “real” contact with nature and the agricultural world.
Activities such as spending a day in the countryside, laying on the grass, visiting a stable, caressing a goat, collecting plants, sowing, smelling the scent of honey …are experiences unknown to most people today, capable of arousing strong emotions and, at the same time, of developing the ecological knowledge necessary for greater respect for the environment and for the resources of the territory.
It is precisely the farmer, who lives on a daily basis within the rural reality, to be the most suitable figure to transmit the love for the land and at the same time stimulate
Every person is thus able of embrace this experience, by simply observing and rediscovering everyday life: everyone can become again an active protagonist in the rural world, capable of expressing one’s perceptions and emotions.
It is thanks to this spirit that various educational workshops are held at Masseria Redenta, adopting the principles of active pedagogy, in order to enable its guests to
learn by doing.
Info on products and activities of the farm, based in the South of Italy, can be found at