In the middle of the Euganean Hills, specifically in the municipality of Montegrotto Terme, the “Museo del Termalismo antico e del Territorio” has recently been opened. As its name indicates, its main objective is to join: hydrotherapy, as a millenary tradition in the Eugene area; and the space, because the museum allows to know other highlights of this geographical space.

On the one hand, the thermal water lake with health benefits has distinguished this space since ancient times. This large lake and the use of thermal water have defined the history, settlements, economic growth, landscape and culture of the Euganea area. On the other hand, the Museum allows you to discover the plurality of resources offered by Terme Euganee, the largest thermal center in Europe (which includes the municipalities of Abano Terme, Montegrotto Terme, Battaglia Terme and Galzignano Terme).

In addition to the spa offerings, these hills have always stood out for their scenic and natural charm, making them an ideal destination for cycling, trekking and immersive experiences in nature. Besides, the area of ​​the Euganean Hills is also the ideal place to learn about history, as there are numerous vestiges and unpublished finds found in the archaeological sites of Montegrotto Terme that make up a great historical-cultural heritage. Furthermore, the Euganean hills have become the perfect destination for gastronomic and oenological tourism because the region has unique dishes and a wide variety of local wines.

Moreover, the Museum has an educational space in which different seminars are organized. Thus, for example, using images and data from Italian archaeological contexts, the Neolithic is explored and the changes that the introduction of agriculture and livestock has brought to the life and economy of the Euganean citizens.

Therefore, the center is a relevant example of good practices and geomarketing because it collects the thermal, cultural, historical, landscape and gastronomic values ​​of the Euganean Hills.