A concerted effort of the eTOMATO consortium has led to the creation of the
eTOMATO Multifunctional Agriculture course. 

Join us and get the chance to win a farm-based experience!

What does it entail?

You will learn about Multifunctional Agriculture, i.e. the approach for diversifying the agricultural business opportunities through the implementation of practices based on Lean Resources Management to bolster the Rural Development.

The MA outputs generate the so-called Triple Bottom Line outcomes, involving Environmental, Social and Economic levels, carrying benefits to as many stakeholders as possible.

The course is delivered to the identified target groups (students, farmers and potential new entrants into farming) for easing the uptake of new business practices within the Multifunctional Agriculture (MA) framework. The learning path is composed of three steps: 

  1. Classes (entrepreneurial skills);
  2. E-learning modules (MA knowledge);
  3. Farm-based, funded experience (transnational/national level). 

The candidates will attend a Business Model Competition and the winner(s) will obtain access to the transnational work-based experience. The course presents approaches for bringing key skills to University students, traditional farmers and new entrants, turning them into MA practitioners.

How will you learn?

The training course will be implemented by the University partners, addressing students, farmers and new entrants (people already working in the traditional farm sector or in MA domains). In total, 140 people will participate in this first pilot test.

The program will combine activities in class (Module on “Entrepreneurial skills: Management, strategy and decision-making and general issues of RD-MA”) and e-learning modules (“Short food supply chain”, “Social and didactical agriculture” and “Rural Tourism”). 

Final tests in class will be performed for assessing the learning impact and, together with the Business Model Competition, will grant the farm-based experience. Universities will recognize ECTs (European Credit Transfer System) to the students participating in the training path (course introduction + at least one e-learning module; field trip and the farm-based experience are recommended but not compulsory for getting ECTs). The Business Model Competition is a compulsory activity to get ECTs recognition. The winners of the competition can always renounce to the entrepreneurial experience, but the ECTs will be recognized as well.

How to enroll?

  1.     Register yourself through this module https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SffMEc2zMKvGiBXdIfMT6HNcwzGtZxi8pu5H6w7HRkY/viewform?edit_requested=true ;
  2.     You will be given a username and password (to be used for the e-learning course);
  3. Enjoy your learning!

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