If you went looking for Paradise, you should definitely pass through the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, near the town of Madзarovo. Аsecluded ancestral house, at the entrance of the village has become a home for an incredible young family from Madzharovo. This is not the common “Guest house” – it is a home, always open for all friends, old-time friends, as well as newly met ones; for the ones, seeking freedom, the call of the wild and the colour of life. The house can accommodate 15 people ( it has double and triple rooms with individual WC & bathroom) and has a large green yard for camping under the stars, the air saturated with hay smell, fresh grass and flowers.


А herd of over 1100 cows and bulls from local indigenous breeds- the Rhodope Short-Horned Cattle and the Bulgarian gray cattle, which are bred the whole year round out in the free, in harmony with the laws of nature. Bees (domesticated and wild), rabbits, Karakachan sheep and dogs… No hens and roosters, they cannot survive, since out there live the big hawks, as well as many other, globally endangered raptors. The small lake near the house is the hiding place of the “domestic” otter – another species of the rarest wild animals on the planet, included in the World’s Red Book of protected species.