Tinada was established in 2011 to promote the scientific activities of the University of Foggia in the field of technologies for training and information with particular reference to the rural context.
Tinada’s main field of activity is the development of digital content for education in formal settings (schools, universities) and informal (publishing, museums, parks, farmers, exhibitions, et.). The company has a solid background in other agricultural EU, National and Regional projects.
The company works in particular in the areas of multimedia design, distance learning and innovative communication processes. In addition, TINADA staff is composed by young professionals with experience in research and project management, as well as with different skills and competences (economics, agronomics and social science).
Tinada will bring into the partnership also its knowledge and contacts related to the agricultural ecosystem. Tinada is in fact involved in many projects related to this specific field. One of them is the MISS project, focused on local social farms and funded by the Cohesion Fund in Apulia Region (“convergence” objective). The company also participates in the last call for Operational Groups launched by RDF- Apulia Region. TINADA will thereby contribute to the project’s aim of organizing knowledge exchange at a regional level, thus linking the activity of the project with the ones launched regionally through the OGs.
Tinada participates in 2 Horizon 2020 projects: SKIN (focused on the short chain, described in §0.2) and ENABLING (focused on renewable energy). Tinada participate in Erasmus project E- Tomato (focused on the multifunctional agriculture).
Tinada carries out dissemination activities on 2 projects funded by the ERDF (Apulia region) 2014-2020: Smart Water (on the use of wastewater in agriculture) and Vista (on the valorisation of museum with ICT tools).