WP 1 – Multifunctional agriculture need analysis and identikit of MA practitioners

This WP aims at identifying training needs and set up an identikit for MA practitioners which will allow easily understanding the learning needs of multifunctional farmers to become professionally ready for a MA business.
The identikit will be based on required knowledge, competences, skills and roles.

WP 2 – Elaboration of innovative tools for assessing MA resources and designing successful MA businesses

The aim of this WP is elaborating innovative tools to support the MA practitioners in assessing traditional farms and designing successful, resilient and diversified MA businesses.

WP 3 – Course Design and Training materials preparation

Universities and farms will cooperate to develop the training material for the classes and the e-learning courses.

WP 4 – Courses implementation and preparation of final results

The aim of this WP is to implement, test, improve and release the ultimate eTOMATO training path materials (traditional classes + e-learning modules).

WP 5 – BM Competition and work-based experience

This WP aims at planning and implementing the Business Model Competition (BM Competition) and give to the participants (students) the possibility of completing their training with a work-based experience (on transnational or national level).

WP 6 – Project Management

The aims of this WP are:

  • To guarantee the efficient management of the project,
  • The overall control of all activities,
  • The organisation of partners Meeting,
  • The regular flow of information,
  • To ensure results are attained on target delivery dates,
  • The administrative and financial support to all the partners,
  • To liaise with EACEA

WP 7 – Quality Assurance

The objective of the WP are:

  • To ensure project objectives are met;
  • To adopt corrective actions where necessary;
  • To ensure that project results are of the highest quality consistent withEU publication standards;

WP 8 – Project Evaluation

The aim of this WP is to evaluate and guarantee the project internal quality as defined in R7.1 (QAP). The WP will determine whether the project planning and implementation are effective and the planned results/expected impacts are met and the quality of the main results.

WP 9 – Dissemination and Exploitation of results

This WP has the aim of ensuring that the project, its milestones and results will be spread to all the relevant stakeholders and to the scientific community through coordinated actions and in the most effective way.