Dr. Mariagrazia Perri

Mariagrazia got a PhD at the University of Foggia – Department of Economics and she is employed by TINADA. She graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Bari and she is enrolled in the Official Bari Register of Agronomists. Her scientific activities focus on issues relating to models of territorial governance with particular reference to producer organizations, which represent the most interesting instruments to aggregate the supply of agricultural products. 

She has been referent to several projects funded by regional and national funds, including: Transnational Co-operation projects “District Quality Federico-Chain districts of Apulia and Basilicata” and “Cross Border for rural development” funded in 2007 – 2013 RDP (Measure 4.2.1.); projects related to the development of new techno-logics financed by Apulia ERDF during 2007-2013 period: Geopointer, Itaca, Rutes and Live Cardio Funds; and a project funded by MIUR “ITCLOSEMEDIET” for the enhancement of the Mediterranean diet through enhanced impact technologies. 

It is currently completing the experimental development phase of the MISS project funded by the Puglia region, which aims to develop a model of a social farm with the use of ICT tools and is coordinator for the local actions of SKIN and Enabling projects funded in program HORIZON 2020.