The eTOMATO course is open for subscriptions!

A concerted effort of the eTOMATO consortium has led to the creation of the eTOMATO Multifunctional Agriculture course.  Join us and get the chance to win a farm-based experience! What does it entail? You will learn about Multifunctional Agriculture, i.e. the approach for diversifying the [...]

New faces of multifunctionality: a view from the UGR team

Multifunctionality is the fundamental idea to build competitive and socially viable rural spaces in the 21st century. A paradigm shift is taking place, research centers and all kinds of scientific initiatives are advancing in finding solutions, new market niches and activities that have the capacity [...]

The preparation for autumn

Our social farm GEBROEDERS VERCAMMEN has had a successful summer! After some setbacks due to the Corona-crisis, the luck we’ve had with our summer camps was more than welcome. During those camps, we provided activities for a 20 few children with and without mental or [...]

Partner La Junquera starring a video made by Patagonia

Multifunctional and regenerative farming is gaining momentum. Last autumn Patagonia visited the farm with a film crew and they made a short documentary about how our project partner La Junquera is dealing with climate change, an emptying countryside, and more complicated farming systems. After four [...]

Masseria Redenta as a place of inclusion

In Masseria you never go on vacation, time is marked by the operations that must be carried out, the wheat harvest then the legume harvest, the seasonal fruit to be harvested, the animals to look after, the always abundant vegetable garden to take care of [...]