The Forthcoming Europe

In times when a pandemic has crippled the global economy and our health, it is definitely the moment to plan our future more wisely, in order to grow in resilience and let opportunities arise organically. Talking about organic matters the European Commission, after what the [...]

Spa tourism: A multifunctional agent of rural development?

Currently, spas are tourist establishments with the capacity to lead the development of rural areas in the “Empty Spain”, where more than 45% of them are located. In many cases, they are the economic base of a significant number of rural municipalities and their regions. [...]


The owner Angel Tenev founded the first company "Ajax 95" Ltd. for breeding and fattening a special selection of animals  1995. Today, Ajax takes care of the constant high quality of its raw materials and monitors extremely precisely the control over all production units. Ajax [...]

One whole summer in honor of the short chain

In the last days, everything returned to normal at the farm of Gebroders Vercammen here in Belgium. Normal? Well, the markets slowly begin to get going and the catering industry tries to start its business. Meanwhile our guests at the social farm begin to return! [...]

The countryside should not be aging, but regenerating

In rural areas like the Altiplano in Southern Spain there are many challenges of which graying and outmigration of young people are very important ones. As more and more people leave the small villages many of the facilities of these villages close too. We see [...]