Our social farm Gebroeders Vercammen, in Belgium has had a successful summer! 

After some setbacks due to the Corona-crisis, the luck we’ve had with our summer camps was more than welcome. During those camps, we provided activities for a 30 few children with and without mental or behavioral disabilities. We focused on creativity, fun and games and learning about life on a farm. It was a relief to see the registrations flowing in and to accept to positive feedback we received.

And now we keep going. With the start of a new schoolyear, we worked together with some schools to provide a learning space for students, all from a different field of study. They can, all with their visions and backgrounds, help both on the social farm and the regular farm and provide new points of views. First off, we will welcome a few interns who will monitor the activities on the social farm. Second of, is our social farm the subject of a bachelor’s thesis. Those students will be analyzing the financial and commercial facets.

On top of that, we started working on the activities we will be providing in autumn. We are organizing another week of camps for the kids. Next we are restarting our ‘Happy on the Farm’-program. This is a 5-day workshop for children where we will be working to stronger their self-confidence and resilience. This in the mindset of positive psychology. After the holydays, in the new year, we hope to expand this program to young adults. This way, we will be able to touch an even wider population. Topics as procrastination, bullying and self-worth will be covered.

Besides all that, we hope to start a new activity, in context of our running PDPO-project, where we start with horse reflected coaching. It is important of course to learn the techniques and skills. This is why a registered and certificated education and a few days of formation are the way to go!

As you can read, there is lots to do on our farm and social farm. We continue to strive to improvement and growth in our organization.