Masseria Redenta, in Italy, has organized in October days of Didactical Farming.

The initiative takes the name of “Masseria Didattica”; it is a school of outdoor ecology and active rural pedagogy, which proposes experiences of agricultural life in a real traditional farm with all the works that characterize it. The Didactic farm can also be a center of experience on man and nature, memory, landscape, rurality, listening, reading, in direct relationship with the Earth. And it is precisely with this intent that the activities of Masseria Redenta, in collaboration with the association “Il Baule volante” “Kirikù”, the “Play” center “Creattiva Crescere” and with the help of the trainees of the eTOMATO project , have created paths and moments of sharing, aimed at families and those who want to get closer to the world of the farming. Nature and the Masseria are a panacea for every condition and green therapy improves the quality of life, making it richer and more meaningful, and is also able to unite generations, just as happened here at Masseria Redenta. The project involved environmental-themed readings under a starry sky, trying to capture the magical moments of the evening. Music therapy and listening workshops have been set up. The last moment of the evening was characterized by the sharing of a company snack in order to complete a food education course.