A new project is starting in La Junquera to become more circular and to increase our short supply chains. We do this through a vermicomposting business that increases our soil fertility and reduces our need for pallet fertilizers. 

Soil fertility is a major challenge in the area, and available local organic humus is usually at a too young stage to increase notably the soil fertility, as well as too expensive considering the farm size. In collaboration with Bioagricultiva, a local company, a project of raising worms to produce organic humus is currently being developed. This new project aims at using the organic waste from households as well as animal manure (cows and sheeps) to feed a earthworm nursery that will transform the organic material into a living and fertile material: humus. In addition to favorize the circularity of nutrients within the farm, vermicompost has the potential to considerably increase soil fertility on the farm, contributing to its objective of land restoration and soil regeneration. From the 10 IBC containers installed on the farm, a yearly production of 20 to 30 tons of humus is expected.