The project eTomato

eTomato is an initiative of 10 partners from 4 European countries aimed at creating an educational offer for easing the uptake of new business practices respecting the Multifunctional Agriculture (MA) framework, particularly in the domains of Social and Didactic Agriculture, Rural Tourism and Short Food Supply Chains. MA is the approach for diversifying agricultural business through the application of Lean Resources Management practices to promote the Rural Development. The MA outputs generate the so-called the Triple Bottom Line [...]

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eTomato – Kick off Meeting

The kick off meeting of eTomato Project 21-22/11/2018 Participants: - University of Foggia (UniFg), represented by Francesco Contò and Gianlugi De Pascale - Agricultural University of Plovdiv (AUP), represented by Stela Todorova and Georgi Stoyornov - University of Granada (UGR), represented by Francisco Antonio Navarro Valverde and Dr.Luis Miguel Sánchez Escolano - Gent University (UGent), represented by Evelien Lambrecht - ValueDo (Value), represented by Alessandro Guadagni - Tinada, represented by Maria Grazia Perri and Giuseppe Incampo - Masseria [...]

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