The “COOP DOVERIE” started its activity on 01.10.1995 in the direction of animal husbandry - production of pork and beef in a farm with a closed cycle. Since then, it has been constantly in the process of expanding, restructuring and modernizing the existing facilities and creating new activities and productions. From September 2010 begins production of the entire range of products with the brand "Stara Planina". The production is patented with the trademark "Quality from the Balkans" and [...]

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The owner Angel Tenev founded the first company "Ajax 95" Ltd. for breeding and fattening a special selection of animals  1995. Today, Ajax takes care of the constant high quality of its raw materials and monitors extremely precisely the control over all production units. Ajax stands behind its motto: "From the farm to you". Ajax Group works in several directions with a closed production cycle: Two feed mills - equipped with the most modern machines and equipment. Precise [...]

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Zaara Estate – an example of the development of multifunctional agriculture

The wine and gourmet tourism is a way to extend the tourist season - in the winter and in the summer in Bulgaria. This is a potential opportunity to attract additional income for the people from the branch, and respectively in the budget of the country. Wine tourism in Bulgaria is expanding because enterprising winemakers and hoteliers begin to appreciate the potential in this business. Bulgarian wine tourism goes both ways - winemakers who build special places for [...]

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The largest forum in the Balkans for agrarian business, wine, food and equipment opened on February, 19th with the exhibitions AGRA, VINARIA AND FOODTECH at the International Fair Plovdiv.  The mega-forum on agribusiness, wine, food and equipment is unique in the Balkans. It shows the development of several strategic sectors of the economy that are interconnected in both production and marketing aspects. How high technology is changing the way from levels to dining shows the sixth edition of [...]

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Problems and Perspectives of Social Innovation in Rural Areas

Social innovation in rural areas is a strategic priority. Rural social innovation can be clearly identified among the EU's priorities and appropriately addressed in the context of funding under the Rural Development Program. Social entrepreneurship is also addressed in the EU Framework Programs - the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program and the Erasmus+ Education Program, where two main aspects of social entrepreneurship are prioritized – that is, youth employment and lifelong learning. Activities related to the analysis [...]

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Importance of statistics in the development of multifunctional agriculture

Multifunctional agriculture includes economic activities such as providing food and energy supply to the population, as well as environmental and social activities. In the current context of increasing globalization of economic and social processes, the role and importance of agricultural statistical information in the field of multifunctional agriculture is constantly increasing. The rich empirical data from statistical surveys reveals opportunities for establishing patterns in the condition and dynamics of farmed agricultural land, the distribution and use of labor, [...]

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Gerzovitsa Prison Farm – a Farm with Social Functions

As we like to reiterate in the eTOMATO project, to the idea of Multifunctionality one can link the concepts of Social Farming. This article presents a Bulgarian example on this. "Gerzovitsa" is the name of the area where the prison and the prisoners' farm are located in Smolyan, a region presenting an altitude of 1400 meters. Animals are raised in open fields and are fed with grass which have not been fertilized with chemicals. The area is distanced [...]

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The state of the art of multifunctional farming in Bulgaria

Multifunctional agriculture is a tendency, which is developing intensely and is gaining followers in Europe, as well as all over the world. The scope of activities is constantly expanding, as well as the forms, under which its functioning is organized. The positive results, which are observed in practicing multifunctional farming in more advanced in this relation countries, give the grounds to be expected that this experience will find its way in Bulgaria, enabling to solve or at least [...]

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