Multifunctional agriculture and forgotten heritage. Traditions of the past?

The open-air agriculture of Poljé de Zafarraya (Granada, Spain) is far from a multifunctional agriculture model. This type of agriculture, very intensive, is highly focused on the production of fruit and vegetable products for sale in large quantities on markets. However, this agriculture has its origin in the hills surrounding the plain, called “Poljé”. Just a few decades ago, these hills were cultivated for wheat, barley, grain, oats, etc., by the local shepherds. They gave a multifunctional use [...]

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Multifunctional rural areas and local development: the case of the Heritage Olive Groves in Almería (Andalusia – Spain)

In the current context, new paradigms have arisen in the public debate. They am at providing tools and positions that are based on another conception of reality that go beyond partisan and bureaucratic visions, and provide the population of rural environments with instruments with which to intervene for their own benefit, transforming said reality without tutelage or external hierarchical projections. One of these cases is that of neoendogenous and local development. From a comprehensive and holistic perspective on [...]

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HOW TRANSPARENT short food supply chains are?

You definitely have heard about transparency and how it is considered to be a key priority on the European agenda to enhance farmers’ position in the food supply chain. Market transparency is identified as a tool to foster effective conditions of competition along the food supply chain by reducing current information asymmetries. Farmers have rather limited price/supply/demand information, whereas their prices are transparent. This information gap undermines farmers’ trust in food supply chains and hampers their decision making.  In the [...]

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Zaara Estate – an example of the development of multifunctional agriculture

The wine and gourmet tourism is a way to extend the tourist season - in the winter and in the summer in Bulgaria. This is a potential opportunity to attract additional income for the people from the branch, and respectively in the budget of the country. Wine tourism in Bulgaria is expanding because enterprising winemakers and hoteliers begin to appreciate the potential in this business. Bulgarian wine tourism goes both ways - winemakers who build special places for [...]

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14th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks (IGLS Forum)

Garmisch-P (Germany) – 10 – 14 February, 2020 Adrienn Molnár from UGENT attended the 14th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks. The theme and background of the IGLS Forum was on the production and marketing of food taking place in an interdependent dynamic system, the food system, involving activities of enterprises in chains and networks in agriculture, food processing, and retail and consumers, media, and an institutional environment for policy, marketing, and management support. Among the actors of [...]

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First eTOMATO Conference in Granada, Spain

On February 7, 2020, it was carried out the 1st eTOMATO conference from the UGR Spanish team, taking place at the Scientific Documentation Center of the University of Granada. Carried out with the collaboration of the Regional Development Institute and the Department of Human Geography, the agenda included different interventions and presentations that aimed to explain the eTOMATO project: its origins, contents, objectives and the first achievements. Together with the intervention of the Professor Luis M. Sánchez, who [...]

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The largest forum in the Balkans for agrarian business, wine, food and equipment opened on February, 19th with the exhibitions AGRA, VINARIA AND FOODTECH at the International Fair Plovdiv.  The mega-forum on agribusiness, wine, food and equipment is unique in the Balkans. It shows the development of several strategic sectors of the economy that are interconnected in both production and marketing aspects. How high technology is changing the way from levels to dining shows the sixth edition of [...]

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Educational and Social Farms in the Apulia Region

In the Apulia Region in Italy, educational and social farms represent an important reference point for communities and territories. In this sector, the need to build up adequate infrastructures for international developments determines the appearance of the so-called "agri-networks". They are characterized by a natural evolution of the logic of public governance applied in the agricultural sector and in local economies. Such logic faces in a more systematic way the needs of unitary management of the increasingly intricate [...]

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GOOD PRACTICES of Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs)

The SKIN project (Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network) ( is an ambitious initiative in the domain of Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC), which aims to systematize the existing knowledge, fostering demand-driven innovation, building long-term collaboration among European farmers and cooperatives, facilitate stakeholders engagement and promote innovation through demand-driven research in the short food supply chain domain. It deals with re-connecting the two extremities of the food supply chain, reconciling producers with citizens, stimulating mutual trust and establishing a short chain based on common values on food, its origin and [...]

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eTOMATO Project Meeting in Granada: Working in Cooperation and Enjoyment

On the last Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd of October 2019, all the partners of the eTOMATO project have been reunited in a new meeting in the city of Granada, Spain hosted in the premises of the Faculty of Literature of the University of Granada. The room for the meeting has been in Human Geography Department. The meeting has started with a welcome speech from the Head of Department, Professor Eugenio Cejudo: the next [...]

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