The largest forum in the Balkans for agrarian business, wine, food and equipment opened on February, 19th with the exhibitions AGRA, VINARIA AND FOODTECH at the International Fair Plovdiv. 

The mega-forum on agribusiness, wine, food and equipment is unique in the Balkans. It shows the development of several strategic sectors of the economy that are interconnected in both production and marketing aspects. How high technology is changing the way from levels to dining shows the sixth edition of a major business event.

Nearly 650 companies from around the world have presented the latest generation of innovations that meet the modern man’s attitude to return to authentic healthy products. Visitors saw this theme unfolded in an attractive way in four specialized exhibitions:

AGRA – International Agricultural Exhibition with BIOAGRA;

WINERY – International Exhibition of Viticulture and Enology;

FUDTECH – International Exhibition of Food, Drinks, Packaging, Machinery and Technology;

Tastes from Italy – Exhibition of Italian food and wine.

AGRA – Plovdiv International Agricultural Exhibition has established itself as the largest economic event for agribusiness in Southeast Europe. It attracts leading manufacturers and traders because they can present their products and services to more than 40,000 visitors here, and is interested in sectoral innovation with global innovation. The exhibition is preferred by farmers because of the opportunity to get informed about new products and services, to buy equipment and supplies, to exchange ideas and experiences.

 AGRA is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. This tradition has been developing since 1892. At that time the First Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition was organized, the successor of which is the International Fair Plovdiv. In the 1930s, the Plovdiv Fair gained the status of National Exhibition Center of Bulgaria and was accepted as a member of the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), the most respected global organization in the industry.

The 29th edition of AGRA (FEBRUARY 19-23, 2020) focuses on the development of the sector and with its international prestige will contribute to:

– finding new customers, partners and markets;

– offering modern machines, materials, services, varieties and breeds.

Agra has established itself as a prestigious innovation forum and this trend continues. The participants show the latest generation of technologies and equipment for different types of farms, economical inventory, improved varieties and breeds.

The accompanying program of the exhibition includes events with a wide thematic scope, which create a network for up-to-date information on models for business, financing, perspective trends.

Visitors to AGRA, WINERY, FUDTECH and Tastes from Italy had the opportunity to taste the delicious products offered by the manufacturers and also to buy them at the producer’s price.

The e-TOMATO Bulgarian team uses the opportunity of the exhibition to present to one part of the Bulgarian farmers the tasks and goals of our project „Training and Orientation for Multifunctional Agriculture enTrepreneurial Opportunities“.

The Bulgarian partner “Wild Farm” also participated in the in the exhibition  which was awarded a diploma in the competition “Consumer Choice” in the Meat Products category.