Vermicompost for Circularity and Soil Fertility

A new project is starting in La Junquera to become more circular and to increase our short supply chains. We do this through a vermicomposting business that increases our soil fertility and reduces our need for pallet fertilizers.  Soil fertility is a major challenge in the area, and available local organic humus is usually at a too young stage to increase notably the soil fertility, as well as too expensive considering the farm size. In collaboration with Bioagricultiva, [...]

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practical agroecological experiences

At La Junquera (Spain) one of the students of the Regeneration Academy is researching how didactic farms can help the transition to more sustainable farming practices.  Farms can play a central role in creating environments of practical learning and passing on knowledge, where academia, research, farmers, students and consumers can meet and connect through activities in a real-world farm environment.  Didactic farms can take many different forms, ranging from demo farm plots that train and demonstrate practices to [...]

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Reforestation Efforts at La Junquera

At La Junquera farm (Spain) we have planted over ten thousand trees this winter to restore the degraded natural landscape. We have found two main challenges during the process. The first one was the selection of species. The farm is located at 1200m above sea level and the region presents a semi-arid climate that has an extreme variation of temperature between seasons (from -15º in winter to 36ºC in summer) and scarce and erratic precipitation (average 350-400ml). These [...]

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Recognition for sustainable producers

The Spanish bank BBVA has recognized La Junquera, a partner of the eTOMATO project, with one of the six Awards for the Best Sustainable Producers, an initiative that the bank has promoted in collaboration with El Celler de Can Roca to give visibility to local products committed to the environment and responsible production. La Junquera has been selected from among more than 60 candidates from all over the national territory. BBVA has recognized the commitment to sustainability of [...]

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Bridging the think-do gap: La Junquera and the “Lighthouse farm project”

The agricultural business of La Junquera (Spain) is engaged in developing a co-innovative, transdisciplinary initiative to involve researchers and students in engaging with the local communities, to identify and understand barriers to transformation. From this, it is possible to either chart a path to removing these barriers, or iteratively ‘redesign the lighthouses’ to be compatible with local decision making. As La Junquera is working on a new way of farming and a new way of living in the [...]

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Partner La Junquera starring a video made by Patagonia

Multifunctional and regenerative farming is gaining momentum. Last autumn Patagonia visited the farm with a film crew and they made a short documentary about how our project partner La Junquera is dealing with climate change, an emptying countryside, and more complicated farming systems. After four days of filming we had been able to show them the different crops we produce (almonds, apples, pistachos, aromatics, vegetables), as well as the different projects that supplement the farm and work in [...]

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The countryside should not be aging, but regenerating

In rural areas like the Altiplano in Southern Spain there are many challenges of which graying and outmigration of young people are very important ones. As more and more people leave the small villages many of the facilities of these villages close too. We see all around us that schools close, supermarkets, and bars.  People leave for many reasons like lack of jobs, livelihoods, opportunities and inspiration. At La Junquera we try to be an example for people [...]

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eTOMATO partners collaborates with the Society for Ecology Restoration

La Junquera has been in quarantine for the last month but this has not stopped us from being active with our projects. Now more than ever it is important to diversify our farming practices as we see all over Europe that it is hard for farmers to keep their heads above water as supply chains are challenged, tourists have disappeared and education has come to a halt. On our farm we are lucky to be able to continue [...]

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How to become a rural entrepreneur

Part of multifunctional agriculture is didactical agriculture, sharing knowledge with others. At La Junquera we do that through the Regeneration Academy, which regularly hosts workshops on farming and rural entrepreneurship.   In the second edition of the Rural Entrepreneurship Course we introduced one of the most interesting topics for the participants and in many cases more difficult for them to develop: marketing and sales. The objective of this session was that at the end the entrepreneurs would have an understanding [...]

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Multifunctional Farms: Let’s Start from Bees

One of the ways La Junquera farm is working on becoming more multifunctional and diverse is by attracting different agro-entrepreneurs. Together with these entrepreneurs we are trying to find ways to involve more business opportunities on our farm and beyond. One of these efforts is sustainable beekeeping which has much added value to the farm, the yields, natural areas, biodiversity and an ever-shrinking bee population in the area andon a global scale. We work together with Agrolavia, a [...]

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