In rural areas like the Altiplano in Southern Spain there are many challenges of which graying and outmigration of young people are very important ones.

As more and more people leave the small villages many of the facilities of these villages close too. We see all around us that schools close, supermarkets, and bars.  People leave for many reasons like lack of jobs, livelihoods, opportunities and inspiration. At La Junquera we try to be an example for people on how you can live in the countryside, earn a decent living and enjoy what rural life has to offer while generating jobs and boosting sustainable entrepreneurship.

As a part of our vision we try to engage and inspire young people to value the countryside and teach them about the many possibilities that a life here can offer. With La Junquera, and the Regeneration Academy specifically, we are involved in setting up didactical farm experiences for children and young adults. By doing this we hope to revive the countryside and bring back life in this region. 

At the moment we are organizing a summer camp for children where they can learn about sustainability, farmlife, regenerative agriculture, self sufficiency and more. The camp will be 9 days for kids between 9 and 14 years old. We work together with many stakeholders like Climate KIC, the RockGroup, Ecosystem Restoration Camps, and the Regeneration Academy to make this possible.

Due to Covid, many people have changed their mind about the countryside and the ability to move freely and live healthy. Therefore, there has been a big demand from parents to give their children a taste of a different way of living and for them to enjoy running around and exploring nature.

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