In the last days, everything returned to normal at the farm of Gebroders Vercammen here in Belgium. Normal? Well, the markets slowly begin to get going and the catering industry tries to start its business. Meanwhile our guests at the social farm begin to return!

The summer lies ahead of us, schools are organizing their graduating parties. This means more activities, of course in line with the Corona-regulations, and saying goodbye to our interns. July and august are according to tradition buzzy months on the fields. Grass needs to be hayed, de vegetables needs to be harvested and we all work hard on the preparation for the summer camps and our corn maze.

The summer camps that we organize are extremely popular this year! Maybe a consequence of the lock down? Either way, we are grateful to be able to fill the 4 weeks with lots of activities for all ages. That way, we try to educate children about the life on a farm and let them have a wonderful experience. The children will help take care of the animals and feed them. We will be tinkering in the farm-theme, organize a cook workshop and play in the hay! On top of that, they will learn about harvesting different kinds of plants and vegetables and they will see how everything is growing on our farm. Including the children themselves. We hope to let them experience everything beautiful our nature has to offer!

July is also the month where we start preparing de corn maze. We expect to open on august 15th! For two months, people can explore the maze as a way to come in touch with life on a farm. They appreciate the fact that we open our doors for them. This year, the maze will reach 3 ha. In co-operation with the college of Geel, we created a project to optimize the maze. Up till now, a great deal was manual work, so we hope to automate the process in the future. This is why we find our interns so important! This year, we will welcome 9 interns. 4 of them on the farm itself. They latterly put their hand in dirt to help us. Others worked on project and suggestions for the social farm. Very meaningful and interesting because this keeps us in a young and fresh mindset! We are excited to see what the upcoming schoolyear will bring us!