EU’s Farm to Fork strategy: the Path towards a More Sustainable Europe

On May 20, the European Commission has presented its newer flagship food policy Farm to Fork (F2F), confirming the intention of further focusing on the sustainability of European food chains. The F2F strategy is so far divided into 27 actions, organized by four macro areas: i) Sustainable Food production, ii) Sustainable Food processing and Distribution, iii) Sustainable Food Consumption, and iv) Food Loss & Waste Prevention. One can see the pattern, or rather, the “shape” of such conceptualization, [...]

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Last updates on the Etomato project

Despite the difficulties and uncertainties of the historical moment we are experiencing, the eTOMATO project does not stop and all the partners keep working together.  The partners are completing the training materials for the e-learning course, both the introduction course and the single e-learning course on the different MA fields addressed by the project: Rural tourism, Social and didactical farming, Short food supply chain.  During the last virtual project meeting, University of Foggia presented Kahoot! a free game-based [...]

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HOW TRANSPARENT short food supply chains are?

You definitely have heard about transparency and how it is considered to be a key priority on the European agenda to enhance farmers’ position in the food supply chain. Market transparency is identified as a tool to foster effective conditions of competition along the food supply chain by reducing current information asymmetries. Farmers have rather limited price/supply/demand information, whereas their prices are transparent. This information gap undermines farmers’ trust in food supply chains and hampers their decision making.  In the [...]

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Zaara Estate – an example of the development of multifunctional agriculture

The wine and gourmet tourism is a way to extend the tourist season - in the winter and in the summer in Bulgaria. This is a potential opportunity to attract additional income for the people from the branch, and respectively in the budget of the country. Wine tourism in Bulgaria is expanding because enterprising winemakers and hoteliers begin to appreciate the potential in this business. Bulgarian wine tourism goes both ways - winemakers who build special places for [...]

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The Spanish rural areas have been going through a very difficult situation for several years now. Lack of institutional attention, flight from young people, fewer services... The lack of competitiveness and the little support received have generated a situation in which new forms and work approaches are necessary to relaunch Spanish economy. In fact, this year 2020 has been the most demanding for this sector, and in February in Granada it was the protagonist of the largest demonstration [...]

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