The Spanish rural areas have been going through a very difficult situation for several years now.

Lack of institutional attention, flight from young people, fewer services… The lack of competitiveness and the little support received have generated a situation in which new forms and work approaches are necessary to relaunch Spanish economy. In fact, this year 2020 has been the most demanding for this sector, and in February in Granada it was the protagonist of the largest demonstration in the province’s recent history.

Now, in addition, the global pandemic by Covid19 has altered economic dynamics around the world, further threatening employment, business profitability and production. The commitment of the eTOMATO project team to rural areas and alternative ways of production does not stop, so we continue to work on it in quarantine too. 

From the eTOMATO UGR team, we are fully involved in this new situation, refocusing the tasks and dedicating efforts to understanding the implications that this new context may have in the form and applications of multifunctional agriculture. From the point of view of farms, companies and workers in the sector, and from the point of view of students and academic activities at the university.

A new context can be an opportunity to be more effective, sustainable and, above all, to promote new ways of working with the territory and its resources.

eTOMATO takes action in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic!