The “COOP DOVERIE” started its activity on 01.10.1995 in the direction of animal husbandry - production of pork and beef in a farm with a closed cycle. Since then, it has been constantly in the process of expanding, restructuring and modernizing the existing facilities and creating new activities and productions. From September 2010 begins production of the entire range of products with the brand "Stara Planina". The production is patented with the trademark "Quality from the Balkans" and [...]

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The preparation for autumn

Our social farm GEBROEDERS VERCAMMEN has had a successful summer! After some setbacks due to the Corona-crisis, the luck we’ve had with our summer camps was more than welcome. During those camps, we provided activities for a 20 few children with and without mental or behavioral disabilities. We focused on creativity, fun and games and learning about life on a farm. It was a relief to see the registrations flowing in and to accept to positive feedback we [...]

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Partner La Junquera starring a video made by Patagonia

Multifunctional and regenerative farming is gaining momentum. Last autumn Patagonia visited the farm with a film crew and they made a short documentary about how our project partner La Junquera is dealing with climate change, an emptying countryside, and more complicated farming systems. After four days of filming we had been able to show them the different crops we produce (almonds, apples, pistachos, aromatics, vegetables), as well as the different projects that supplement the farm and work in [...]

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Masseria Redenta as a place of inclusion

In Masseria you never go on vacation, time is marked by the operations that must be carried out, the wheat harvest then the legume harvest, the seasonal fruit to be harvested, the animals to look after, the always abundant vegetable garden to take care of and prepare for the next harvest. They seem endless operations and yet they embellish the days letting the moments mark and at the same time making them poetic, like the sunsets we observe [...]

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