Masseria Redenta as a place of inclusion

In Masseria you never go on vacation, time is marked by the operations that must be carried out, the wheat harvest then the legume harvest, the seasonal fruit to be harvested, the animals to look after, the always abundant vegetable garden to take care of and prepare for the next harvest. They seem endless operations and yet they embellish the days letting the moments mark and at the same time making them poetic, like the sunsets we observe [...]

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Learning to See What Bees Do

In our multifunctional farm we try to find inspiration for the various educational workshops, from what we have around us. The month of June which marks the transition from spring to summer, and gives all the beautiful new colors to Masseria Redenta. In such period, we have created a laboratory on the colors of bees. You might not know, but bees do not see colors like humans: they confuse black with red (they do not visit flowers of [...]

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Spring at l(e)ast – How nature does it course within the pandemic

How to welcome the return of spring, the season of flowers, the days when nature is reborn and the days get longer, animals and insects come to life in their loving dances in the midst of this unprecedented era? When we are all asked to stay at home, not to go out, to not meet each other, as a gesture of social responsibility? The desire for authentic relationships knows no boundaries, we are rediscovering it between a streaming [...]

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Nature, Farm, and Their Co-work towards a Better Life Quality

The multifunctional farm can take on an educational and social role by proposing a special pedagogy linked to human and nature relations in the various contexts of the rural territory. The Didactic Masseria thus becomes a school of outdoor ecology and active rural pedagogy, which offers experiences of agricultural life in a real traditional farm, with sowing, composting, hoeing, collecting vegetables and medicinal herbs, harvesting, threshing, in an embedded ecosystem-farm making use and working with animals. The Didactic [...]

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The eTOMATO project for Masseria Redenta

The idea of ​​Masseria Redenta within the eTOMATO project is to make encountering different worlds, i.e. the academic and the agricultural entrepreneurial. We want to link those with by providing, in the multi-factorial dimension in agriculture, the possibility of improving the management of it through dissemination and collaborative actions, so as to make agricultural realities more and more competitive and perform better. The goal for Masseria is to make known the primary activity and the cycle of cultures [...]

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Masseria Redenta: Teaching by Nature

In a magnificent environmental and landscape context, the fields of Masseria Redenta welcome with love a rich variety of medicinal, aromatic, dry cleaners, edible, and many toher types, plants. This is a treasure “nest” from which it draws material to carry every day laboratories and educational seminars. In fact, Masseria Redenta is convinced that knowledge, to be truthful and of impact, must pass through direct experimentation. Therefore, people learn especially by touching, smelling, tasting, collecting and using herbs, [...]

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 Masseria Redenta, honey tasting workshops

In the context of the multifunctional activities of  Masseria Redenta, honey tasting workshops are held, in order to give consumers all the information necessary for the correct consumption of the products, and correct information on food labeling. Honey is not just a sweetener to be enjoyed in milk at breakfast or useful for sweetening teas and herbal teas, but a product with a thousand facets, with amazing aromatic and organoleptic variations. Its use in the kitchen can therefore [...]

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Masseria Redenta: how do eTOMATO partners look like?

In a previous article we discussed what is about the funding of eTOMATO, and the Erasmus+ programme. But what about those actors making the project come to life? One is the Italian Masseria Redenta: an educational farm which environment is ideal to allow all those who wish, their operational field and age being larger or smaller, to establish a "real" contact with nature and the agricultural world. Activities such as spending a day in the countryside, laying on [...]

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