How to welcome the return of spring, the season of flowers, the days when nature is reborn and the days get longer, animals and insects come to life in their loving dances in the midst of this unprecedented era? When we are all asked to stay at home, not to go out, to not meet each other, as a gesture of social responsibility?

The desire for authentic relationships knows no boundaries, we are rediscovering it between a streaming conversation, a flash-mob on the balconies, a skype call, a light that illuminates the nights waiting for this moment to pass and the nightmare of this sneaky and invisible enemy to go away as fast as it arrived. Despite the great efforts that we all have to face right now, it is essential to take care of our countryside. We in Masseria Redenta particularly take care of the bees, which today are more than ever an essential good for us – humans and the planet. The bees have started their work in a hurry this spring, regardless of what surrounds them or perhaps even more aware, compared to us humans, of the beauty that we have around and how simple it is to miss it when we are deprived of it. During this difficult season while we work with bees, and they sting us in defense or for our distraction, they seem to want to encourage us not to not lose the track of our mission and vision, as agricultural entrepreneurs, social workers, citizens, and inhabitants of this planet.