It was seven years ago when we decided to choose the life on a farm. But not without a decent plan of approach. We would grow different kinds of vegetables and plants, so we would be able to harvest during the entire year.

That way, we would lower the damage by bad or too good weather. This isn’t a 100% successful, but the past few years we stayed avoided a great of damage due to the weather. A sustainable and thoughtful way of using our ground, great monitoring and a varied plan for cultivation, it all seems to work!

We also have a variation in costumers so that we won’t be dependent on just one kind, and therefore be more vulnerable. We delivered to the catering industry, businesses, went to marketplaces and selled our products directly to the costumers in our farm shop in Koningshooikt, near Lier. An approach we thought trough, we reduced the risks, we produced in a sustainable way, it was intensive work, definitely not easy. But it created more certainty, which is very important to us!

And then came March 12th…. The day everything changed… One by one, the orderings form the catering industry got cancelled. One by one, we got from every community a notification that the marketplaces wouldn’t be able to continue. This all when we were finally getting hope on better weather after months of bad weather. And there we were, with al our great products. 

Reacting quickly, instead of just standing on the line, was the way to go. We were certain of one thing: the Corona-crisis wasn’t one to end soon and had to be taken seriously. Our whole system got shaken up and our usual approach was changed immediately. After all, it was our duty to take responsibility and work out a system so that customers could still find a way to our products, or a way that for us to our customers.

That same night, we worked out a plan with some of our catering clients. Making a switch, guaranty the safety for employees and customers was our number one priority. We really need them, we need you to get through this! Despite the fact that our web shop wasn’t entirely functioning yet, we choose to use it for the at home deliveries. The opening ours of our shop were expanded and we created a collection point. This makes it possible for customers to choose how they buy our products: take away, coming to the shop (under hygienic conditions with social distancing and a circulation where people don’t need to touch doors nor cross each other) or the delivery at home. The last option was really appreciated by or costumers. Yes, it is an investment, it does take organisation and commitment, but it also gives us satisfaction. People form high risk groups, elderly but young people families also could get their needed dose of vitamins! The compliments and respect we get for making sure everyone had food on their plate and the commitment of our employees to make sure everything works according to the plan, are very well received. We are very grateful for our customers! We will continue to work so that week by week, we grow and get more efficient, because one thing is clear: the farmer will continue to plough! And with the beautiful sun that is expecting the next few weeks, there are some delicious vegetables on their way! Thank you to every one of you for the support and big thanks to our employees, who work with us day in day out to reach our goal!