E(xam)TOMATO Day at University of Foggia

15 candidates for the Business Model Competition are now racing to be graded with the highest score to attend the one month internship at Masseria Redenta. Indeed, the best two performers will access the practical pilot phase to put into practice what they have learnt on Multifunctional Agriculture during the eTOMATO course. The candidates have outlined their own Multifunctional organization by making use of the eTOMATO tools for assessing the Readiness to become a multifunctional entrepreneur and organize [...]

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Getting ready for an amazing summer

Step by step we are getting closer to the summer. The sun shines more often, the temperatures are rising slowly, and the days consists of more sun hours. It has been a turbulent winter at social farm Tallaart (Belgium). The Pandemic has forced us to change our way of working. We had to adjust both our daily routine and the organisation of our camps to keep the farm going. And we did it with great success! The camps [...]

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practical agroecological experiences

At La Junquera (Spain) one of the students of the Regeneration Academy is researching how didactic farms can help the transition to more sustainable farming practices.  Farms can play a central role in creating environments of practical learning and passing on knowledge, where academia, research, farmers, students and consumers can meet and connect through activities in a real-world farm environment.  Didactic farms can take many different forms, ranging from demo farm plots that train and demonstrate practices to [...]

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World Bee Day

World Bee Day was celebrated on May 20th. Vital species for the ecosystem, they are also among those most at risk. Their life is threatened by various factors and by the hand of man. This is why a World Bee Day was born, scheduled for every 20 May from 2018, to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting and safeguarding these precious insects. At the same time, this day is also an opportunity for experts, politicians, economists [...]

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