15 candidates for the Business Model Competition are now racing to be graded with the highest score to attend the one month internship at Masseria Redenta. Indeed, the best two performers will access the practical pilot phase to put into practice what they have learnt on Multifunctional Agriculture during the eTOMATO course.

The candidates have outlined their own Multifunctional organization by making use of the eTOMATO tools for assessing the Readiness to become a multifunctional entrepreneur and organize the resources with the Business Model Canvas. To the exam session two external guests supporting the evaluation board are attending:

  • Nina Drejerska – Deputy Director for Science, Institute of Economics and Finance, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She is Associate Professor of Sustainable rural development, Labour economics, Project management, Marketing at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Vera Amicarelli – Associate Professor at Department of Economics, Management and Business Law at the University of Bari Aldo Moro. She teaches Industrial Ecology, Quality theory and technique and Resource and waste management.