Multifunctional agriculture and forgotten heritage. Traditions of the past?

The open-air agriculture of Poljé de Zafarraya (Granada, Spain) is far from a multifunctional agriculture model. This type of agriculture, very intensive, is highly focused on the production of fruit and vegetable products for sale in large quantities on markets. However, this agriculture has its origin in the hills surrounding the plain, called “Poljé”. Just a few decades ago, these hills were cultivated for wheat, barley, grain, oats, etc., by the local shepherds. They gave a multifunctional use [...]

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Organic small farms are a promising model for the future of agriculture

Sustainable rural development is linked both to the survival of small farms and to promoting the diversification of the economy with activities other than agriculture, which, although it remains a major livelihood for population is declining in the overall economic profile of the EU. The European Parliament Resolution of 22 May 2018 (The Future of Food and Agriculture) draws attention to the “very important role played by small and medium-sized farms and which must be recognized and valued” [...]

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Multifunctional Agriculture. An opportunity for the Gargano area

The Gargano is a fascinating Italian promontory projecting into the Adriatic sea. It is made of wild mountains where live autochthonous animal and plant species conferring an unexplored soul to the environment.   Historically, the inhabitants have developed local economies on agriculture and breeding farms. During the 90s the tourism started becoming flourishing alongshore, thus triggering the rural area abandon as the sons of the old farmers were exited to ride the wave of the touristic business. Such phenomenon [...]

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Internship at Zorgboerderij Tallaart vzw, a social farm

Social farm Tallaart vzw in Belgium, is an organization that provides useful daytime activities for people who experience some difficulties in functioning in our society.  We work with organizations as well as individuals. Each with their own issues, personality and background. In addition, we also organize children's camps and workshops on self-identity and resilience. To provide these activities, we need enough hands. And organizing internships is a great way to get there! For a few years, we guide [...]

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