Sustainable rural development is linked both to the survival of small farms and to promoting the diversification of the economy with activities other than agriculture, which, although it remains a major livelihood for population is declining in the overall economic profile of the EU. The European Parliament Resolution of 22 May 2018 (The Future of Food and Agriculture) draws attention to the “very important role played by small and medium-sized farms and which must be recognized and valued” and states that “the primary the EU’s goal of multifunctional and diversified agriculture and forestry, creating jobs driven by sustainable agricultural practices and enabling the preservation of viable small and family farms that can be acquired and passed down from generation to generation, continues to be key to achieving positive externalities and public goods “

Organic small farms have different ideas for their activities and products. Chemernik Organic Farm is located in one of the most picturesque areas of the Balkan Mountains – high above the Iskar Gorge in Bulgaria. This area has preserved exceptional cleanliness, is wonderful for mountain tourism and provides an opportunity to develop organic livestock.

The farm breeds animals from traditional Bulgarian breeds – sheep, cows, horses, and mouflon. It produces milk and cheese, as well as meat delicacies, which can be enjoyed on-site or ordered as delivery. The farm also has a small reserve with mountain goats, deer and wild boar.

The children are perhaps most impressed by the reserve in the organic farm Chemernik, but it is also an attraction for adults. However, not every day you have the opportunity to see deer, roe deer, wild boar and wild goats. This reserve of the farm can be used successfully for the treatment of both children and disadvantaged adults by attracting the necessary specialists.Tourists can watch the animals closely, feed them, and if they wish, to explore the area on a horseback, or use an instructor to learn how to ride.

The milk machine is the newest idea of the farm – a milk machine with coins. You drop the coins and get liters of certified fresh organic milk. The farm says: “We will load it every day! Soon you will be able to find the milk in front of our office at 10 Cherni Lom street in Sofia.”

From the spring of 2011 the farm began to organize knightly battles with great enthusiasm. The result is attractive and fun.

Chemernik Organic Farm has several houses in authentic style, which allows for the development of rural tourism.

The European model of agricultural production is based on multifunctional agriculture, characterized by small to medium, family or cooperative farms with land and, along with food production, small farms perform very important social and environmental functions that the industrialized model of agricultural production can not always provide. Small and medium-sized agriculture, carried out independently by families or with the support of consumers, is a promising model for the future.