One year of eTOMATO

2020 is a year that we will talk about in the coming years. If there is something that we have understood, however, it is the importance of resilience and the ability to be able to develop, even in the worst present and in the most uncertain scenarios, a strong spirit of adaptation with eyes always turned to the future. For the eTOMATO partners it was a challenging year, characterized by the preparation of training materials that represent the [...]

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EU and Africa: what lies ahead their agrifood relations

As the EURACTIV website has announced, the EU is about to strengthen its relationship - and cooperation - with Africa, with the hope of promoting sustainable food systems and help those affected coping with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The African continent was already assisted in its agrifood sector by a 12-person task force since the beginning of May 2018, a mandate prolonged this year after the Covid-19 events. The effects of the pandemic in the continent [...]

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Multifunctional rural areas and local development: the case of the Heritage Olive Groves in Almería (Andalusia – Spain)

In the current context, new paradigms have arisen in the public debate. They am at providing tools and positions that are based on another conception of reality that go beyond partisan and bureaucratic visions, and provide the population of rural environments with instruments with which to intervene for their own benefit, transforming said reality without tutelage or external hierarchical projections. One of these cases is that of neoendogenous and local development. From a comprehensive and holistic perspective on [...]

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Organic production and its connection with the concepts of Sustainable Development, Green Lifestyle and Multifunctional Agriculture

Organic farming is an important priority in the agricultural development policy in the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the highlights of the Common Agricultural Policy for the period 2014-2020.Encouraging farmers to switch to or maintain organic farming contributes simultaneously to: environmental protection - strengthens agro-ecosystems, preserves biodiversity and enables future generations to benefit from preserved nature; healthy food production - this form of agriculture meets the needs of a growing number of consumers, as it uses safe and [...]

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