Organic production and its connection with the concepts of Sustainable Development, Green Lifestyle and Multifunctional Agriculture

Organic farming is an important priority in the agricultural development policy in the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the highlights of the Common Agricultural Policy for the period 2014-2020.Encouraging farmers to switch to or maintain organic farming contributes simultaneously to: environmental protection - strengthens agro-ecosystems, preserves biodiversity and enables future generations to benefit from preserved nature; healthy food production - this form of agriculture meets the needs of a growing number of consumers, as it uses safe and [...]

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One year of eTOMATO

So many things happened in this 2019 for the eTOMATO consortium, so let’s try to recap them and give a perspective of what 2020 will bring to our project! In 2019 project partners met twice, once in Ghent (Belgium) and then in Granada (Spain) to revise together the extensive training need analysis conducted, available on the project website. This research allowed the partners to identify the main needs of students and farmer who are interested in developing Multifunctional [...]

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A good understanding between farmer and consumer is essential for a healthy future!

I am Evi Van Camp from the eTOMATO partner GEBROEDERS VERCAMMEN. As a farmer, I visited a lot of places throughout the years. All of them shared one major concern: how does agriculture contribute to climate change? Opinions were often divided, so time for some fact-checking.   Media has recently stated that the CO2 emission of the steel & mining company Arcelor Mittal is higher than the entire emissions from the agricultural sector. The ongoing discussion of mitigating livestock [...]

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