So many things happened in this 2019 for the eTOMATO consortium, so let’s try to recap them and give a perspective of what 2020 will bring to our project!

In 2019 project partners met twice, once in Ghent (Belgium) and then in Granada (Spain) to revise together the extensive training need analysis conducted, available on the project website. This research allowed the partners to identify the main needs of students and farmer who are interested in developing Multifunctional Agriculture within their businesses. Basing on this, Universities started developing the architecture of the eTOMATO e-learning courses, focusing on entrepreneurial skills and on the 3 multifunctional domains analyzed in the project (Short Food Supply Chain, Rural Tourism and Social and Didactical Farming). 

In parallel with this, the partners have developed two tools aimed at providing consultancy to newcomers to multifunctional agriculture field. The first one is called “MA Readiness Framework, soon available on the project website in the form of an interactive tool, providing the farmers with suggestions about the MA domain more suitable according to the resources they possess and the MA Business Model Canvas, which has been adapted to MA farmers needs for designing successful businesses. 

In 2020, the training courses will be finalized and they will be tested in the four partners’ countries. Would you like to be one of those taking part in our multifunctional journey? Keep on following us on our website and our social media or write us at!