Why you should put your future in the hands of a minor

Unless you live on a remote island, or indeed on a boat in the middle of the ocean, you certainly have heard about the incredible boat journey the young activist Greta Thunberg undertook to cross the Atlantic and cover, in an very unusual and environmentally friendly way, the distance separating her house in Sweden from New York, the location where the UN Climate Action Summit has been held in September 2019. Last Monday, September 23rd, Greta has held [...]

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Agriculture and Young Farmers in the US: What’s the Matter?

So far, the eTOMATO project has discussed plenty on what is the State of The Art for Multifunctional Agriculture in Europe. We shall now understand what is about in the rest of the world and what can we learn from it. We have often addressed that major of the work for Multifunctionality has been undergone by small farmers, and that multifunctional agriculture helps in some issues of biodiversity preservation, social empowerment, and economic stability which get more difficult [...]

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