Reforestation Efforts at La Junquera

At La Junquera farm (Spain) we have planted over ten thousand trees this winter to restore the degraded natural landscape. We have found two main challenges during the process. The first one was the selection of species. The farm is located at 1200m above sea level and the region presents a semi-arid climate that has an extreme variation of temperature between seasons (from -15º in winter to 36ºC in summer) and scarce and erratic precipitation (average 350-400ml). These [...]

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Volunteers at social farm Tallaart vzw

February 27th till March 7th is a week dedicated to volunteers. This is the perfect opportunity to put our volunteers in the spotlights. Without them, the work on a social farm would me far harder than it is. We host a group/individual on different days of the week. Those people struggle with a certain issue which makes it harder for them to be fully included in our modern-day society. That’s where we jump in. We offer them a [...]

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