14th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks (IGLS Forum)

Garmisch-P (Germany) – 10 – 14 February, 2020 Adrienn Molnár from UGENT attended the 14th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks. The theme and background of the IGLS Forum was on the production and marketing of food taking place in an interdependent dynamic system, the food system, involving activities of enterprises in chains and networks in agriculture, food processing, and retail and consumers, media, and an institutional environment for policy, marketing, and management support. Among the actors of [...]

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COVID-19: Should we worry about food?

If you are in one of the countries applying restrictive measures in face of the COVID-19 virus, you are likely to have seen at least one of the following when buying for your food supplies: police asking you for the self-certificate you need when going to grocery shopping, bringing shopping to relatives, just returning from the shopping; supermarkets emptied out from toilet paper and dry pasta; a certain feeling of judgment when purchasing more than 5 tins of [...]

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First eTOMATO Conference in Granada, Spain

On February 7, 2020, it was carried out the 1st eTOMATO conference from the UGR Spanish team, taking place at the Scientific Documentation Center of the University of Granada. Carried out with the collaboration of the Regional Development Institute and the Department of Human Geography, the agenda included different interventions and presentations that aimed to explain the eTOMATO project: its origins, contents, objectives and the first achievements. Together with the intervention of the Professor Luis M. Sánchez, who [...]

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The largest forum in the Balkans for agrarian business, wine, food and equipment opened on February, 19th with the exhibitions AGRA, VINARIA AND FOODTECH at the International Fair Plovdiv.  The mega-forum on agribusiness, wine, food and equipment is unique in the Balkans. It shows the development of several strategic sectors of the economy that are interconnected in both production and marketing aspects. How high technology is changing the way from levels to dining shows the sixth edition of [...]

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