On February 7, 2020, it was carried out the 1st eTOMATO conference from the UGR Spanish team, taking place at the Scientific Documentation Center of the University of Granada.

Carried out with the collaboration of the Regional Development Institute and the Department of Human Geography, the agenda included different interventions and presentations that aimed to explain the eTOMATO project: its origins, contents, objectives and the first achievements.

Together with the intervention of the Professor Luis M. Sánchez, who presented the project, highlighted are the presentations made by Professor Eugenio Cejudo, who dealt with the great challenges of the Spanish rural world today (with depopulation as the main one of them). Furthermore, the presentation from the Professor Francisco A. Navarro, commented on real cases in which rural development was the result of entrepreneurship and innovation in fields such as rural tourism, social and didactic agriculture or short food supply chains.

Finally, and as an example of the symbiosis between university and farmers/businesses in the economic sector of rural development that represents and promotes the project, Mr. Jacobo Monereo presented the “Regeneration Academy” project, which is carried out under the protection and with the support of La Junquera estate, partner of the project to same as the University of Granada. Finally, attendees were able to have a few minutes of questions and exchange of ideas on the themes of the project.

The event was a success in attendance and had a great impact among the scientific and student community of the University of Granada. Coming soon, more!