eTOMATO partners collaborates with the Society for Ecology Restoration

La Junquera has been in quarantine for the last month but this has not stopped us from being active with our projects. Now more than ever it is important to diversify our farming practices as we see all over Europe that it is hard for farmers to keep their heads above water as supply chains are challenged, tourists have disappeared and education has come to a halt. On our farm we are lucky to be able to continue [...]

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Life on our farm in times of Corona – a Belgian experience

It was seven years ago when we decided to choose the life on a farm. But not without a decent plan of approach. We would grow different kinds of vegetables and plants, so we would be able to harvest during the entire year. That way, we would lower the damage by bad or too good weather. This isn’t a 100% successful, but the past few years we stayed avoided a great of damage due to the weather. A [...]

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Spring at l(e)ast – How nature does it course within the pandemic

How to welcome the return of spring, the season of flowers, the days when nature is reborn and the days get longer, animals and insects come to life in their loving dances in the midst of this unprecedented era? When we are all asked to stay at home, not to go out, to not meet each other, as a gesture of social responsibility? The desire for authentic relationships knows no boundaries, we are rediscovering it between a streaming [...]

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The COVID-19 and the next steps for the eTOMATO project

The partners of eTOMATO project were expected to gather in Granada on March 18 for a meeting in which to discuss mainly the activities of WP3, and in particular the organization of the training materials and the approval of the general structure of the courses. Given the situation that is being experienced throughout Europe due to the COVID-19 emergency, the meeting could not take place physically in Spain. Nonetheless, the partners, specifically the Universities, ValueDo and Tinada, followed [...]

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