The partners of eTOMATO project were expected to gather in Granada on March 18 for a meeting in which to discuss mainly the activities of WP3, and in particular the organization of the training materials and the approval of the general structure of the courses.

Given the situation that is being experienced throughout Europe due to the COVID-19 emergency, the meeting could not take place physically in Spain. Nonetheless, the partners, specifically the Universities, ValueDo and Tinada, followed precisely the agenda and organized a conference call that lasted a whole day. A further step forward for the project, which despite the problems and uncertainties of this historical moment, does not stop!

During the meeting University of Granada presented the R3.3 Course Design Action, which represents the development of the pedagogical strategy report R3.1 into reality; University of Foggia showed the proposal prepared for the overall structure of the e-learning course; University of Ghent presented the proposal for the traditional classes on entrepreneurial skills (R3.4 – Prototype of the introduction course).

University of Foggia presented also the structure to be given to the Business Model Competition, where students will challenge to design effective business models for traditional farms and will live a work-based experience to complete their training course started with the e-learning materials.
All the activities brought fruitful and interesting prospects. The efficiency of this partnership and its innovative approach are also nested in its dimensions – small, which make the discussion manageable – and in the group’s heterogeneity – ranging from farmers, to professors of different subjects, to entrepreneurs.

The partners have shown, in fact, to be able to work even from a distance, maintaining the same spirit of collaboration and good-will.