What is the right size for a farm?

Tweets that the European Agricultural Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski has posted on his profile last month have sparked quite some debate among the agricultural community. In those posts Wojciechowski has expressed his position, which seems to favour small and organic farming over industrial or conventional ones. Examples cite: “Everyone has the right to defend the intensive/industrial methods of animal husbandry, but one can’t say that in this way he/she defends the rural areas and farmers. Large-scale breeding is not [...]

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Bringing children closer to agriculture

As a result of the urbanization, children in Flanders (Belgium) are losing their connection with nature and agriculture. To prevent this from happening, new collaborations between the agricultural sector and schools are being formed.  A new project called “Boerderleren” was set up, supported by the province of Antwerp, Flanders and the European Union. The goal of this project is for children from primary school to become acquainted with agriculture and to discover new interests and talents. The program [...]

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Inclusion, digital and green skills: the new Erasmus + 2021 – 2027

The new Erasmus + 2021 - 2027 was launched last March 25 by the European Commission which adopted the first Erasmus + annual work program. The Program budget is 26.2 billion euros, compared to 14.7 billion euros for the period 2014 - 2020, to which will be added approximately 2.2 billion euros from the EU's external instruments, almost double the amount to the previous programming. The Erasmus program has shown all its extraordinary vitality and its effective usefulness [...]

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