The multifunctional farm can take on an educational and social role by proposing a special pedagogy linked to human and nature relations in the various contexts of the rural territory.

The Didactic Masseria thus becomes a school of outdoor ecology and active rural pedagogy, which offers experiences of agricultural life in a real traditional farm, with sowing, composting, hoeing, collecting vegetables and medicinal herbs, harvesting, threshing, in an embedded ecosystem-farm making use and working with animals. The Didactic farm can however also be a center of experience on man and nature, memory, landscape, rurality, in direct relationship with the Earth, which starts from the small and the near to be able to understand the big and the far. 

The new frontiers of rural pedagogy are today the issues that the farm must face and discuss, to become authentic permanent educational structures reserved for children from 1 to 99 years of age. These new approaches insert the multifunctional farm in the network of formal educational institutions present in the rural areas and contribute to keeping rural areas viable by ensuring social and educational services in areas otherwise destined for abandonment. And it is precisely with this intent that the autumn and winter activities of Masseria Redenta, in collaboration with social cooperatives that deal with services at old age, have created paths and moments of green therapy, aimed mainly at guests of social structures. Nature, the farm, they are a cure-all for every condition and green therapy improves the quality of life, making it richer and more meaningful, and it is also able to unite the generations, just as we did at Masseria Redenta.