Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. In Bulgaria the beginning of biodynamic agriculture is set by a family that grows their plants according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. These are Maria and Dimitar Stoyanovi, who in 1998 inherited from their parents 0.35 hectares of agricultural land in the village of Bachkovo and began to grow fruits, vegetables and grapes, following the rules of biodynamic agriculture. In 2010, their average annual production was 600 kg of vegetables, 1500 kg of fruits and 1200 kg of grapes. One third of the production is sold and the rest is used for their own needs. They produce compotes, jams, marmalades, lutenitsa, brandy and wine from certified organic fruits and vegetables.

The first spark was ignited by a seminar conducted by a team of the Agroecological Center at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv.From the two-day seminar and the personal contacts with Prof. Karov it became clear to me that this is the future of agriculture. Probably there is a fire in every person and a spark is needed to ignite it. That is why I was given a big boost by the experience I had gained as a teacher in the field of ecology and environmental protection” – Dimitar Stoyanov remembers. Biodynamic agriculture is one of the few human activities that respects the laws of nature, preserves and increases the biodiversity and purity of the agricultural land – the land that feeds us. In this activity a man finds his true place as a partner with plants and animals. “This is not just an activity, but a specific way of life with plants and animals on the farm” – explains the former ecology teacher.

The activities in a biodynamic farm must take into account the impulses coming from the zodiacal constellations, the planets and the Moon. Planting the plants and harvesting the fruits at the time determined by these impulses is the most important activity of the farm. Next are the principles of using biodynamic preparations and the ways of their production. Both those used for spraying and those placed in the compost pile are important. There is an exact time for watering and fertilizing. All this must be able to do every organic farmer.

Dimitar Stoyanov believes that all crops can be grown in this way. His farm has over 65 species of plants that function very well and grow together. The farm also grows herbs from which most of the preparations used in their work are prepared.