The idea of ​​Masseria Redenta within the eTOMATO project is to make encountering different worlds, i.e. the academic and the agricultural entrepreneurial.

We want to link those with by providing, in the multi-factorial dimension in agriculture, the possibility of improving the management of it through dissemination and collaborative actions, so as to make agricultural realities more and more competitive and perform better. The goal for Masseria is to make known the primary activity and the cycle of cultures and livestock breeding, the preparation of food of animal origin and the processes of agro-food production, the importance of the soil and of the water, plant and animal life, manual skills and the skills of the rural operator and the social role of farmers. This should be performed in order to train the general public – customers, other stakeholders – for an informed consumption and an active behavior in safeguarding the environment.

Masseria Redenta thanks to the eTOMATO project, is creating new contacts between the urban and the rural world, among those who exclusively use social network but need to stop and recover emotional experiences recognizable only in the countryside, spread traditions and customs of peasant culture in the new generations, and undertake, in addition to the traditional production activity, also in the educational – training activity, especially in the education of the public. The context of the educational farm, without wanting to exaggerate, can therefore be compared to an educational family, an important ambition that Masseria Redenta has fully embraced with eTOMATO partners.