In a magnificent environmental and landscape context, the fields of Masseria Redenta welcome with love a rich variety of medicinal, aromatic, dry cleaners, edible, and many toher types, plants.

This is a treasure “nest” from which it draws material to carry every day laboratories and educational seminars. In fact, Masseria Redenta is convinced that knowledge, to be truthful and of impact, must pass through direct experimentation. Therefore, people learn especially by touching, smelling, tasting, collecting and using herbs, by becoming “friends” with them and then being able to find them a use for the every-day life.

Through a real knowledge, linked to pleasant experiences that bring them back into contact with the profound nature of humankind, people can find a healthy and balanced relationship with the environment and the earth that sometimes is covered by the bustle and hustle of the cities. If this contact happens as a child, then it remains within him/her as a precious gift to draw on to restore a harmonious life, in harmony with nature and in respect of the natural balance of our wonderful planet.

As part of the summer educational activities in Masseria Redenta they organized a lavender harvesting day for the creation of scented pillows and the production of essential oil, a lavender workshop with an explanation of uses and preparation of lavender cupcakes. Thanks to the experience of the didactic operators there have been illustrated the practical use of the essential oil and lavender hydrolat for the well-being of the person, and for the cleaning and fragrance of the house. At the end of the day an aperitif in music was organized with tastings of dishes based on lavender.

The activities carried out in Masseria Redenta are continuous throughout the year, inspired by what the nature offer season by season, day by day.