One of the ways La Junquera farm is working on becoming more multifunctional and diverse is by attracting different agro-entrepreneurs.

Together with these entrepreneurs we are trying to find ways to involve more business opportunities on our farm and beyond.
One of these efforts is sustainable beekeeping which has much added value to the farm, the yields, natural areas, biodiversity and an ever-shrinking bee population in the area andon a global scale. We work together with Agrolavia, a little entrepreneurial company from the region who believe in the holistic management of bees; no added feeding with sugar and not moving their homes around. They want to develop this idea further on many farmsand we are collaborating in setting up a pilot project on our farm. That means we now have 3 working beehives with local bee species and are continuing to double this every year in swarming season. The only honey that is taken is what the bees can miss in order for them to get through the winter. This way of beekeeping and working together with farmers is what older farmers consider the traditional way. Having a few beehives on your farm to be able to have honey for yourself and your family as well as for pollinating your trees. Agrolavia and La Junquera are trying to bring back this way of beekeeping by giving courses and showcasing its possibilities.